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286 Ladypool Road
Birmingham, England, B128JU
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Hillbrook Dental Health Centre
286, Ladypool Road,
Balsall Health,
B12 8JU


0121 449 5656



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The Hillbrook experience of a patient with Dental Anxiety

Hillbrook Dental

We recently received a really nice letter from one of our patients during her care at Hillbrook Dental. She was very nervous and sent us this lovely message we thought we'd share.

"I was pertrified of the dentist, due to truamatic childhood memories relating to dental treatment. It is fair to say, at first, I was nervous about visiting Hillbrook Dental Practice due to this awful experience. Then I met Dr Atthi. He soon became aware of my nervous disposition and fear which had built up over the years. Over time, I decided to go ahead and allow Dr Atthi to help me become free of dental pain and worry.

From the onset of my visiting and being introduced to Dr Atthi, he spent a considerable amount of time reasurring me that my experience under his care and, on his watch would not result in my leaving his practice feeling as scared as I had done on the arrival. My fear was gradually elimated, due to the way Dr Atthi explained not only the process, but the dental procedures to be involved. Dr Atthi and I discussed the options available to me, for example; I could choose to have been sedated which sounded great, but I also asked about any side effects major or minor and, due to my trust in the capabilites and professionalism of Dr Atthi, I decided to trust him to carry out any dental procedures without being sedated. This proved to be the right option for me and I have no regrets.

Without knowing just how serious my fear of dentist`s were until meeting and trusting Dr Atthi, it may be difficult for you to put together this picture of events relating to my fear when visiting the dentist. Dr Atthi is extremely skilled in offering support, reassurance and customer care to his patients. I have since allowed Dr Atthi to perform five different dental procedures, including tooth removals. 

Very rarely we meet people who dedicate their time to becoming the best they can be in their given profession, but with an extensive amount of experience, skill and committment to ongoing learning in the field of dentistry, Dr Atthi is a proffesional who deserves recognition. Never before have I known such care and patience from a Dr of dentistry. This skilled helper practices with quiet confidence and explains to his patients the nature of his work, along with recomendations of suggested treatment. This way of practicing dentistry, allows patients to come to decisions which best suit them, along with knowledge of what could be expected with or without treatment.

My fear of the dentist has changed. Why? Because I met a Dr of Dentisry, who not only understands his work, his own abilites and the problems relating to us neededing a visit to the dentist at some point, Dr Atthi cares about his work, his patients and his reputation. He took time to listen to my fearful experiences of dental treatment.

Dr Atthi has made a point of recruiting and employing other dentists, nurses and receptionists who will treat patients with care as well as respect. All his staff are, like him, skilled and experienced as well as being profficent in carrying out their duties. They are aware of their strentghs, abilities and roles.

Should you feel worried about dental visits, I suggest at least a phone call to Hillbrook Dental Surgery, Ladypool Road, Sparkhill. You will be listened to and treated as an individual and with respect. The practice is clean, disability friendly, and all the staff recieve ongoing and up to date training where identified it would be beneficial to the ongoing growth and development of the practice. You will be pleasantly surprised by the practice, the every day management of the practice and the fact you will experience a high quality of dental care. - S.T."

We are pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our patients and find it extremely rewarding when these efforts are recognised. It drives us to push further and enhance the standard of care even more.