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286 Ladypool Road
Birmingham, England, B128JU
United Kingdom



Hillbrook Dental Health Centre
286, Ladypool Road,
Balsall Health,
B12 8JU


0121 449 5656



Monday:         09:00 - 17:00
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Crowns from £250.00

When a tooth is badly broken or filled with a lot of filling, the tooth may need strengthening with a cover. This is like a helmet over the tooth. This is called a crown.

Varieties of crowns are available gold, platinum coloured or white/ tooth coloured. On your first visit the dentist will need to give you an injection because the tooth needs to be re-shaped and an impression is taken to our registered laboratory.

A temporary crown will be provided on your second visit usually a week after the first visit the new crown is fitted with special cements.

You have a choice of choosing over 15 different shades of tooth coloured crowns so you are spoilt for choice!

Post crowns are special posts made to fit inside your root canals. These are usually made of metal and helps the crown to stay in place. This is usually used in root-filled teeth.

Your crown depends on how well you look after it. Decay can occur around the crown and gum level so to avoid this, at Hillbrook Dental we encourage brushing, flossing and using mouthwash.

If you have crowns fitted to your teeth, see our dentist for a check around the edges of your crown to make sure that they are intact.